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The following steps will resolve General Protection Faults (crashing) when trying to playback DivX files or when browsing video folders in Windows Explorer with the new DivX CODEC version 6.5.

Getting this error when trying to play DIVX using version 6.5 of the software?

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this issue.

In Windows 2K/XP/WS03/Vista, Select the following:

Start -> All programs -> DivX -> DivX CODEC -> DivX Decoder -> Decoder Configuration Utility

In the decoder tab of the DivX® Playback Configuration window, de-select the 'Reduce CPU spikes using one frame delay' tickbox. Do not untick other options, and ensure only the illustrated tickboxes are selected

Set post processing to off to avoid Windows Explorer crashing when attempting to thumbnail video clips

This will solve the crashing issues temporarily without adverse effects and will not affect other DivX® CODEC settings or performance until such time this behaviour is patched. By following these steps you will be able to fully enjoy DivX® version 6.5 without having to resort to downgrading to an earlier version.


Update: DivX have resolved the issue -

These instructions apply to versions 6.5 only, and the described workaround is intended for those who do not update their version.

As the above issue has been corrected by the developer,wWe recommend that users update to the latest version and discontinue use of older releases