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We, (NitroWare IT Australia,, NitroWare) are an Australian based, privately owned and operated independent online media outlet and consultancy specialising in Computing, Information Technology, Consumer Electronics, Technology and online media Journalism topics. was established in September 2000 and our writers have relevant education, qualifications, industry training and experience with over 30 years combined in the IT and electronics sector.


NitroWare endeavours to provide readers with quality editorials that typically provide further detail, relevance and accuracy than what is published by other independent online technology media.

We aim to cover product segments, brands and events that are been neglected by other outlets as well as cover aspects and viewpoints in editorials that may have been missed or neglected by others.

We also have a unique coverage area in that we will summarise, review, analyse and comment on editorials put out by other online media outlets. Coverage of this nature is in the minority.

This column aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Allows us to provide unique content experience to the online community
  • Improves the overall quality of content put out by independent outlets
  • Improves the perception that the technology and IT industry has of independent online media
  • Improves the perception by the community and readership of the quality of content and reporting
  • Allows a reader to save time reading multiple, similar reviews across different sites by providing a summary and to highlight inconsistencies or errors between these reviews

This service will launch in 2nd Quarter 2008

We will also be running a column about various topics and issues regarding online technology media and technology marketing/PR.

The aim of this column is to again, give the community a better understanding to help quell assumptions of bias, favouritism to particular vendors or 'payola' and to give a better understanding of online media, especially independent to marketing departments and PR agencies so they may improve their relationship which online media.

Whilst other online media sites do write editorials regarding online media or PR, typically these are only (rarely) published when there is a crisis or to self-serve their own interests.

We aim to provide a more regular consistent commentary. This service will also launch in 2nd Quarter 2008.

In addition to editorial content:

We also provide custom software for download from time to time. Currently we offer custom builds of the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser built regularly from trunk and branch source code. See our page for more information.

We also are able to provide advice and consultancy regarding marketing/PR strategy or tips and online technology media.

Are you a reader and would like to know what the more reputable, respectable popular or most concise technology or blogs are? We can help

Are you a start-up, vendor looking to be covered, or a marketing/PR agency looking to better your understanding of independent online media that you work with and their needs? We can help

While our primary focus is editorial content, we are also able to offer limited repair services for various devices such as capacitor replacement, firmware/BIOS re-flashing, small component level repair such as replacing header pins or wiring, and general hardware/software diagnosis, upgrading, refreshing and repair



NitroWare is currently based in Sydney, Australia with contributions from local sources and abroad

As the demographic of the readership of many online media is a global one and varied, NitroWare targets an international audience as well as keeping our content relevant to readers, vendors and clients within our local region.

We also contribute knowledge, advice, technical support and opinion to the virtual communities of various other online media outlets by means of their discussion forums and chat rooms, and on occasion provide feedback directly to the editors and owners of other online media outlets, so called 'affiliate' sites

This level of participation within multiple internet virtual communities is something that is lacking by other outlets popular or not, print and online.

Representatives of various outlets typically make a contribution of a post or two in virtual communities over than their own and do not give back to the community, their valuable readership in a direct way

We can be found contributing our expertise and knowledge in the forums of reputable online virtual communities such as doom9 (, (3D Sound Surge ( and Mozillazine forums ( amongst others. In many instances, our writers are moderators in these virtual communities


Due to dissatisfaction and frustration with the quality of editorials and knowledge of subject matter by some online media outlets, NitroWare was founded to fill a void left by the lack of local Australian independent online computing media, that of quality editorial from an independent publisher.

The bulk of local IT press is print (newspaper lift-outs and specialist magazines) which are published by corporate media companies and what online presence exists is an extension of those print publications. The number of truly private and independent outlets operating locally is quite small.

Our goal is to become a respected voice and online media outlet for the enthusiast IT community and a trusted partner and affiliate for local and global vendors, companies and other media outlets both independent and corporate.

We aim to achieve this by publishing content that is in-depth and relevant on subject matter that is important for reader, whether they be a novice user, power user, enthusiast or IT Professional.


Our main outlet for content publishing is via our internet website that has a global reach and is free of cost and obligation to readers.

Our current revenue model relies on advertising.

Whilst we would love to provide our readership with an ad free browsing experience, which would underline our intentions of being unbiased and vendor neutral with, this is not financially feasible or possible.

This revenue model allows us to keep operating the site, acquiring products to review as well fund event coverage.