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Motherboard maker DFI, primarily known for their enthusiast 'LANParty' line of motherboards has issued a statement advising consumers to be aware of unauthorised motherboards re-branded as DFI primarily in Indonesia.

DFI say that the two motherboards in question, an NVIDIA MCP73 based solution for the Intel Socket 775 Processor and an NVIDIA MCP68 based solution for the AMD Socket AM2+ processor are not sourced from or manufactured by DFI and that consumers should be aware of this, as no support can be offered to owners of this counterfeit products. notes that in both cases a telltale is that the DFI logo on the boxes of the counterfeit product is not an accurate reproduction of DFI's registered marks an accurate match.

The lettering on the counterfeit boxes is much heavier than the typeface used on official DFI materials.

Additionally, the box-art for the MCP68V product represents another product not the product for sale. This is evident in photos supplied by DFI.

DFI has also provided a quick reference chart to identify currently available official DFI products.


Both counterfeit products are based on common reference designs so the exact origin can be difficult to determine.

We remind Australian readers to be mindful of counterfeit motherboards from Indonesia especially at swap meets or un-familiar stores. If in doubt, enquire about authenticity or shop elsewhere

Typically for products available for sale in Australia via legitimate channels, there shall be some identifying marks such as supplier details on the packaging.

For photos of the counterfeit products in question and of legitimate products, view DFI's press release. will be following up this story in due course.