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The first game demo that features the new EAX HD, EAX 3 environmental audio effects has been released.

3D Sound Surge reports that a demo of Activison/Fun Labs Secret Service - In Harms Way has been released.

Matrox G400 series card owners might recognise Fun Labs as the developer of one of Matrox's tech demo progams.

This demo features Creative EAX HD (EAX 3.0) sound effects as well as EAX2, Aureal A3D and Directsound 3D version 8

While the models and technology may not be the latest technoloogy it certainly seems an intresting title in nature and to play. We found increasing the main volume from 50 to 75 made for a better audio experience. tested the demo check to see if any additional audio effects were noticeable using a Sound Blaster Audigy sound card. Room to Room yields different levels of Reverb as well as staairs/balconies. Explosions are enhanced greatly, if you are using a subwoofer you will feel the reverb. You can hear the civilians and terrorists talking as well as outside town music to varying degrees.

We were suprised that the demo of Secret Service featured EAX HD, as Creative have announced Activision/Raven's Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix will be the first title to support EAX HD. This is not the only game with support but was *supposed* to be the first, guess the delay of that particular title offset things. Giants has recived an EAX HD patch as well.