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Mods4Me have revealed a method to enable hidden features and functionality on popular system chipsets such as those from VIA Technologies. Many of these features are not implemented by manufacturers who produce mainboards based on such chipsets due to marketing, product placement or R+D costs.

This article details how one is able to enable such features as asynchronos clocks signals, which allows the memory clockspeed to run at a higher rate than the CPU front side bus,allowing for the use of higher speed memory and greater bandwidth. The VIA KT266 chipset is used as a test subject and Mods4Me claim aysnc memory clock is the only new feature in VIA's new KT333 chipset for the AMD processors. warns readers that modifying such system paramaters can cause a system to freeze or risk data integrity. Such modifications are only recommended for power users or enthusiasts who are aware of the consequence and meaning of the action they are performing and have backups of critical files.