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Warp2Search has acquired some info courtesy of tomti-systems regarding a perfomance issue affecting ATI Radeon 8500 cards when rendering a high number of polygons when using the OpenGL graphic system. It seems that ATI need to play catch-up and that it will take a bit of time for their device driver quality and performance to reach the maturity level that NVIDIA's software has reached.

Dr Tom of Toms Hardware Guide has a scoop with news on a Pentium 4 at 2666MHz using new 533MHz Memory DRAM from RAMBUS.


Hardwarepub have a review on EPOX's KT333 Mainboard for AMD processors. Previous KT333 web reviews have been on models by ASUS and MSI.

MGON have reviewed the Sound Blaster Extigy, a new high quality external sound solution by Creative Labs. The Extigy connects to the host PC via the USB connection.

planetsavage have reviewed the Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP racing whee. This model is quite popular racing simulator fans.

VIAHardware have reviewed the Leadtek 7350KDA Rev C mainboard for AMD processors. This mainboard uses the SIS 735 chipset.

Voidyourwarranty have reviewed two Terratec 2496 sound cards, which are aimed at the professional market.



Steve Gibson @ GRC has an article on Denial of Service(DoS) attacks and provides some solutions to those experiencing such attacks.