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NVIDIA has released WHQL signed 'Detenator' device drivers for their TNT and GeForce graphics cars, version 30.82.

ATi have also released new drivers , being Catalyst 2.2 and MMC 7.7 for their Radeon graphics cards. 

This software fixes an issue regarding the correct volume control for the Audio Line In socket featured on Sound Blaster Audigy sound cards

We recommend users upgrade to these latest stable drivers as soon as possible. 'Signed' or 'WHQL' drivers signify that these softwares have been fully regression tested before release and pass Microsoft's particular testing regime to ensure software quality,reliability and stability.

Speedfan 4.06 is released.


Digit-Life have reviewed the Creative Nomad Jukebox 3, a portable hard disk  based music player of 20 Gigabyte capacity which competes with the Apple iPod


Bit of a scuffle here about the use of desktop CPUs in notebooks, which is becoming more commonplace.

SiS shows their Socket 478 chipset muscle over VIA