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Flight and Sandbox

Just Cause 2 and Warthunder are NVIDIA logo games while Sleeping Dogs is AMD.

Just Cause 2 uses compute shaders and DX10 so will show some trends on GPUs with different GPU compute performance characteristics.

Sleeping Dogs is video memory and horsepower dependant, including the optional high res texture pack. We do not use extreme AA as that enables Super Sample Anti Aliasing.

Flight and Sandbox Game Benchmarks - Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs, Warthunder

Warthunder is a popular free to play combat sim that includes heavy use of DX 11 effects for ground, air and water realism. A problem with this test is the developer is constantly updating the game automatically which can break backward comparisons.

Given a large portion of the warthunder tests are repetitive textures/shaders such as water, grass and metal ship hulls and aircraft skins, it is interesting to consider how much memory compression and caching have an affect here.

Visit our youtube channel for several 60 FPS 4K captured clips of Warthunder at its maximum detail levels.