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Billion Electric have some unique 3G offerings to date, such as ADSL Gateway with automatic fall over to a USB connected 3G USB Modem if wired DSL connectivity is lost.

Models and Price Vary. USB 3G Modem required.



Requires a USB 3G Modem.

Street price $145 AUD and up plus cost of 3G USB modem, typically $150 AUD



Requires a PCMCIA 3G Modem

Street price $180 AUD and up plus cost of 3G USB modem, typically $150 AUD

Both these firms offer a simple domestic broadband routers with Ethernet or Wi-Fi that have been enabled for 3G Mobile Broadband by the means of a PC Card slot or a USB port. An external user supplied modem in either form factor is required to use 3G Internet.


MBR621 3G Mobile Broadband Modem

This unit has an integrated modem and SIM slot but is simply a modem with an ethernet bridge. Unlike the unit we reviewed it is not a fully integrated gateway-router solution

Street price $430 AUD and up

MBR624GU 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

This unit is simply a 3G/USB enabled domestic broadband router with Ethernet and Wi-Fi and requires an external 3G USB modem to enable 3G Mobile Broadband access. it also features a lower specification CPU than the 3G9WT.

Street price $120 AUD and up plus user supplied 3G USB modem.

Prices as per May 2009 from


The Netcomm-Telstra 3G9WT Turbo 7 Wireless Internet Gateway is indeed able to deliver internet access at megabit broadband speeds. As a broadband router it also has the reliability, features and performance that professionals or business would demand or expect.

We recommend this product for users who are looking for an all in one device that performs as a mobile internet hotspot, or who are unable to be serviced by wired broadband and desire a standalone device which will deliver Wireless Internet and LAN capability for their network or devices.

3 Stars out of 5.


  • High 3G real-world throughput and reliability, at or nea maximum capability of the Telstra NextG 3.5G Cellular network.
  • Fast boot time
  • Quick and Easy connection and Wi-Fi setup process
  • USB stick instead of setup CD
  • Proven full ADSL grade linux based Gateway-router platform with a fast CPU and reliable industry standard replaceable 3G and Wi-Fi Modules
  • High level of configuration in terms of network security and routing
  • Dual external 3G Antenna
  • Electronic documentation
  • Uses the common 12V/1.5A power supply specification.
  • Inclusion in device firmware/web interface of advanced network settings applicable to business


  • Signal Strength and connected mode seems sensitive especially in strong 3G reception areas
  • Lack of flexibility - no feature or port for fail-over to or from 3G for an existing network.
  • Device can be insecure and not theft proof , critical for a portable,mobile device.
  • No external indication of 3.5G/HSPA nor the ability to manually force 3.5G HSPA within the gateway settings
  • Possible Isuse with the UPnP
  • Somewhat cumbersome two-stage firmware update process
  • The firmware is largely based on reference firmware from the chipset vendor
  • Exclusive to a single service provider (Telstra Australia)
  • No indication of connected link speed at all – Signal strength and Frequency band only
  • Local Area Network connectivity average, 10/100 Mbit/s  Ethernet Switch,  54MBit/s Wi-Fi, single 2dBi Wi-Fi antenna
  • Desktop utility software is basic compared to other brands
  • Packaging not suited for the ‘mobile’ nature of the device
  • Unit and required data plan, contract are expensive, excess usage charges of 25 cents per 1MB above allocated quota.
  • 3G Modem card can not be upgraded via a firmware update to higher speeds.
  • Some Telstra data plans do not allow incoming traffic or allocate non private class IP addresses. The Data Plan/SIM supplied supplied to media for review did not allow full feature set of gateway to be evaluated..


Gateway Review unit and Telstra 'NextG' SIM loaned by NetComm Australia

Thanks M2Mconnectivity for providing us with some technical assistance regarding Sierra Wireless data cards discussed in this review