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One area of key interest to PC enthusiasts and power users is power consumption, especially with the larger GPUs we are now accustomed to .

In typical use at their out of box clock speeds, both overclocked MSI are in the same ballpark in a typical windows use case, even when benchmarked with two versions of 3DMark ! It helps that both these cards have been deliberately tuned by MSI and use almost exactly the same cooling solution.

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Where tracks diverge is Power consumption, the compute oriented Radeon just runs away when we apply a power virus using Furmark and as for bitcoin mining, the higher performing Radeon draws more power where as GeForce wastes power here.

Stock speeds, Taken at the half way mark during the Furmark burnin test

GPU Core Clock Temperature GPU usage GPU Power Fan Speed
R9 270X 1150 MHz 88 c 99% - 76%
GTX 760 1123 MHz 80 c 99% 62.4% 62%

Out of box power draw should not and is not a problem with typical applications.

MSI GTX 760 HAWK idle desktop power GPU-Z