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Driving and Racing Game Benchmarks

We cover this category With Dirt2,3 (both DirectX 11 but using different generations of the EGO engine) and Trackmania Forever, a popular free to play racer that’s purely DirectX 9 based

While these, and smaller cards can offer a great 60FPS Full HD gaming experience in DIRT, both cards are not able to sustain >120fps which is desired by some gamers for 120Hz or 3D gaming. Additionally we are only testing 1200p which is only 2.3 MegaPixels let alone higher eyefinity or surround resolutions, which will see a drop in performance.

Even the DX9 based Trackmania doesn't run away on these cards as it doesn’t have the capability to make the most of the GPU feature set.

Dirt 2 and 3 are AMD endorsed games.

MSI HAWK Dirt 2, Dirt 3 and Trackmania benchmark scores

Dirt 3 Benchmark Scaling

Dirt 3 uses random AI in its benchmark to ensure real world scenarios. From low to high res/detail Radeon offers better minimum frame rates and maximum rates are matched. Both cards will offer 60 fps gaming with v-sync and AA on at Full HD. Interestingly the game doesn't run away at 720p.

MSI HAWK R9 270X nd GTX 760 Resolution/Detail Scaling in Dirt 3  benchmark frames per second