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Flight and Sandbox Game Benchmarks

MSI HAWK Just Cause 2, Sleeping Dogs and Warthunder benchmark scores

Just Cause 2 is a tech media favourite, although we use the steam demo. The benchmark run performs a day to night transition and terrain fly around. Despite being part of the NVIDIA game program, Radeon offers a >1.5x uplift in this test. This may be peculiar to either the DirectX code path or the fact we are using the demo.

Sleeping Dogs, part of AMD's Gaming Evolved program we hit a performance wall. The title is quite demanding and while our frame rate is sufficient for Full HD high quality gaming, again it is not sufficient for scaling to higher resolutions or 3D.

Warthunder is a free to play air combat title with some emphasis on a cinematic graphical experience.

We use the max preset for repeatability, however with manual tweaking it is possible to further increase graphical fidelity. Both GPUs on all runs exceed 120 FPS