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Flight and Open World Game Benchmarks

HAWX 2 is commonly used to demonstrate tessellation performance, with the same GPU and software, the FX 6100 platform offers a 10FPS increase yet the A6 and FX-6100 are similarly priced.

GTA4 is a CPU and GPU frame buffer heavy title that is heavily multithreaded to take advantage of game console hardware.  As it is an older console port title DirectX 9 title the windows port it is not very optimised for newer hardware.  We hit the CPU wall with AMD systems yet the Intel i7 doubles the performance.  Hyper threading helps in this title.

Things are not as dire with the Vista/Windows 7 only Just Cause 2 Demo Benchmark with steps of 10FPS and 20FPS between each platform.  All three platforms deliver sufficient average frames per second however; both AMD systems still deliver the best performance per dollar.