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Video Acceleration Benchmarks

The state of video acceleration is unchanged from our previous HD7970 review.  AMD’s VCE technology is still unsupported as of the second driver drop for the HD7900 series.  We speculate that the third or fourth driver drops should enable VCE.  When this happens, expect a flurry of marketing and press publicity.  Strangely, the 7950 still delivers excellent results in Windows Movie Maker compared to the integrated graphics in the AMD A6 APU that we tested previously.

Since we are covering CPU scaling as a secondary angle in this story, we have run the CPU only video encoding tasks.  The results are this simple. Intel is twice as fast as AMD for CPU-only video encoding; however the i7-3960X is ten times the price.  Compared to the AMD A6 APU, the FX-6100 does not deliver a significant increase in performance.