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Arcade and Strategy Game Benchmarks

Street Fighter IV benchmark is still used by many reviews however hated by some users for being an old or irrelevant benchmark based on the fact the original Street Fighter IV cabinet used what is now seen as old or weak hardware.

As a fast action game where performance is critical, all platforms deliver the necessary performance.

This benchmark does not deliver arcade quality performance on older, entry level or integrated graphics

World in Conflict’s benchmark is very dynamic, while 49 or 56 FPS might sound ‘good enough’ for this title when there is a heavy battle such as in the benchmark the FPS will drop considerably yet will shoot up in the less demanding portions of the test such as bomber flyovers.

The significantly higher Intel i7 score does mean we will have a much smoother gameplay experience across a number of different scenarios in this game however again Intel has the worst Performance per Dollar with its $999 CPU and $300 Motherboard.