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OpenGL and Direct3D Gaming Graphics Benchmarks

Furmark is purely a GPU bound test, while on the older versions we can see the influence of the CPU on the overall score. The CPU margin decreases with newer versions as they emphasise 3D performance.

Do note the delta of the Intel Integrated Graphics compared to GeForce, 1/3 to ½ the performance. Intel is a supporter of 3DMArk and not only optimises for the benchmark but uses it in its graphics marketing materials.

Intel Graphics was never intended for Extreme pre-sets and we can see it suffer in 3DMark 11 Extreme. Fire Strike Extreme is meant for the top of the line rigs and all our tested solutions suffer.

The 4770K part is meant for the mainstream/performance segment who expect 1080p or higher performance whether it is high or low details. K parts are typically paired with discrete GPUs and while Intel's 'GT2' HD 4600 is an improvement it is only up to the levels of a low-mid end add in card and nowhere near a gaming class GPU such as a GTX460 , which was and still is an affordable 1080p performance card.

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