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Driving and Racing Games Benchmarks

At worst- case settings of 1920x1200, Ultra Detail and 4x Anti-Aliasing, Intel cannot provide a smooth gaming experience for a fast-paced racer, having said that at lower detail levels without anti-aliasing it certainly does and we cover this in the second part of our Haswell coverage.

In Dirt3, which uses version 2 of Codemasters EGO engine our baseline GTX460 can't achieve 60FPS and we are GPU limited here.

In Dirt 3, The takeaway is at 1366x768 High without Antialiasing, HD 4600 achieves 47FPS, which AMD's A10-6800K 'Richland' also achieves but at 1280x720, High with 4x AA.

For high detail gaming, integrated graphics is not suitable for a fluid experience. Details must be turned down.

Trackmania Nations Forever is an older title which only utilises DirectX9 and Shader Model 3. The results here are surprising, given it is not as intensive as the DirectX11 supporting Dirt 2 and 3.

Dirt 2, Dirt3, Trackmania Nations Forever