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GPU Computation Benchmarks

GPU computation measures GPGPU, Specifically OpenCL and DirectCompute on the GPU. These tests are less CPU centric and more platform/GPU centric. We are deliberately GPU limited in these tests with our baseline GTX460; however we can see the performance of Intel's OpenCL 1.2 enabled HD Graphics 4600 in raw compute using these tests. Like our game tests, the Intel solution runs at an impressive half the speed of the GTX460 in GPU Compute

Computemark and DirectCompute/OpenCL Benchmark are synthetic tests

Luxmark is an example of the LuxRender engine for performing ray tracing on GPUs

Folding @home is a popular pursuit for enthusiasts and has recently been GPU enabled, supporting OpenCL and CUDA. For comparison purposes we only use the official benchmark with OpenCL.

ComputeMark, DirectCompute&OpenCL benchmark, LuxMark OpenCL, Folding@Home Official Benchmark