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Quad core 4th gen CPU product line-up

4th Gen Intel Core Processor Die Map

For the quad core parts, from an overall view we have a similar top to bottom mix as 3rd gen Core. Full power/clock parts and reduced power S and T parts. S parts have traditionally been intended for SFF cube or All in One system which have limited thermals. T parts go even further and are ideal for niche uses such as embedded or HTPC.

With 4th gen, the main differentiator on desktop parts is clock speed and hyper threading as per 2nd and 3rd gen but also the L3 Cache amount

All i5 and i7 desktop models except 4770R feature the 'GT2' HD4600 graphics as featured in our Haswell review series, at varying clock speed.

4770R is the interesting part as it trades turbo speed for graphics capability. This part is for OEM consumption only to be fitted to All-In-Ones with high Res screens. In this application graphics performance is important and cost can be reduced by omitting a discrete GPU in lieu of the 4770R.

Unfortunately, the 'Crystal Well' L4 cache which can be used for CPU cores or graphics is omitted from all parts except the 4770R. IF the 4770K had hypothetically been fitted with the on-package L4 cache, TDP would rise from 84W to 90, 95 or 100W depending on the end configuration. This is a trade-off that Intel was likely uncomfortable with both on cost, binning and thermal/power considerations.

Haswell On Package eDRAM "Crystalwell"

The extra performance would have been beneficial generation to generation; although over clockers have enough concern about Haswell overclocking at the moment without the extra overhead of more cache.

4th Gen Intel Core i7 Desktop Processor Lineup

4th Gen Intel Core i5 Desktop Processor Lineup

4th Gen Intel Core i5 Desktop Processor Lineup

For mobile 4th gen, the alphabet soup increases with new SKUs specific for mobile, enabling high performance graphics and single chip packages

4th Gen Intel Core Processor Family and Platform

Core i7 Boxed Processor with Heatsink Fan