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Driving and Racing Games

We have some strange results with Dirt 2. We ran the test more times than usual to verify the findings and the best we can speculate that NVIDIA have optimised their driver for Codemaster's EGO 1.0 game engine or Dirt 2 specifically. This is ironic as Dirt 2 was the flagship title for AMD with their 2010 Radeon 5800 series GPU codenamed 'Cypress' .

We see the expected linearity with Dirt3, which uses the newer EGO 2.0 engine. Note that both Dirt2 and dirt 3 can utilise DirectX11 features properly. A tech demo video is available on various file mirrors and games for windows live showing the various implemented DirectX 11 visual features in Dirt 2.

Additionally we only have the initial press launch drivers for HD7970, performance will improve in future.