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First Person Games

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of the newer titles on the market and since it is AMD endorsed it is no surprise that when using MLAA antialiasing, the single HD7970 has a significant lead over two GTX460s. This is the kind of performance that upgraders would like to see as justification for their investment.

Again, our 'minor' overclock netted us another 10 FPS.

For Crossfire users, expect a 1.45x improvement in FPS when a second card is added. Deus Ex does support Stereo 3D and AMD have advised that at 1080p Maximum settings 52fps is achievable

The Alien Versus Predator benchmark is another AMD endorsed title dating back several years and again here the single GPU beats out the two mid GPUs.

We had meant to include Call of Duty: Black Ops in our collection of first person shooters but we could not validate our test data within our limited evaluation time for the Radeon HD7970. Since Black Ops is a 'on rails' shooter and a cross platform game it runs too fast on flagship enthusiast hardware. By default, Black Ops has a frame rate limiter set to limit the frame rate to 85-90fps. However since we want to measure the maximum performance achievable removing the frame rate limiter netted us 130-170fps average with high variance in between test passes

we tested using the Initial Cuba level as well as the S.O.G Level. Future updates for Graphics Core Next/Southern Islands and future NVIDIA GPUs will be using different test software for First person shooter category.