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Arcade and Strategy Games

The third Capcom title we used is one of the older ones being designed and intended for dual core class hardware, with driver optimisations and the bias of SLI the GeForce pair comes out on top. Since this is a speed oriented test using DirectX 9 (which hardware can render the test the fastest in the least time) we cannot leverage the architecture as it was designed and optimised to work best with the latest graphics and multi monitor Eyefinity., however giving the card more bandwidth with our overclock does give us an impressive increase.

World In conflict is also NVIDIA endorsed one of the first games to support DirectX10 and gives us plenty of features and options to test out detailed yet fast gameplay. Those who have played World in Conflict would be aware of the ability to zoom and that heavy battle scenes can be taxing on hardware, the benchmark in the game is indicative of actual game play.

We achieve 80, 90 and 93 FPS average respectively. When we consider the hardware involved to reach this level of performance, Intel's flagship $999 CPU and motherboard of 2011/12 as well as AMD's flagship graphics for 2012 considering the age of the game this is not that high of a result.